Bicycle flywheel repair tools bike Cassette flywheel disassembly sleeve tool SB-013

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This flywheel remover is sturdy and durable. Compatible with all Shimano cassettes, including Road and MTB.

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Product Name Cassette flywheel sleeve
Color  Black
Feature  Repair Bicycle
Model Number  SB-013
Material  Carbon Steel
Type  Repair
OEM  Accept

Product features

- This tool is a great investment for all bike mechanics – whether it’s a DIY mechanic at home or a pro in the workshop!

- This flywheel remover is sturdy and durable.

- Heat-treated alloy tool steel (more durable and wear-resistant than ordinary carbon steel on the market), one-inch base is suitable for wrenches or bench vices, etc.

- Compatible with all Shimano cassettes, including Road and MTB.

- The surface of the product is coated with electrophoretic paint, which is smooth and round and does not hurt hands


How to use this product?


Remove the bicycle freewheel removal tool.


Put the bicycle freewheel removal tool into the axle.


Make sure your entry is complete.


Connect the socket with a wrench and apply force in the direction of the freewheel. If it can’t be unscrewed, you can consider putting one meter or two iron pipes on the handle of the wrench, and increase the force arm, so that it can be easily unscrewed.

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1. Can you do OEM for me?

We accept OEM and ODM orders. We can flexibly customize bicycle repair tools according to the metal hardness you need to achieve the product quality that meets your requirements. In addition to product customization, we can also provide you with personalized product packaging. If you need to add your unique logo to the product, we can also provide technical support.

2. Can you provide relevant documents?

Yes, we can provide most documents, including analysis/compliance certificates; insurance; origin and other required export documents.

3. How to calculate the freight?

The shipping cost depends on the pick-up method you choose. Express is usually the fastest but also the most expensive way. Shipping is the best solution for bulk cargo. If we know the details of the quantity, weight and method, we can give you accurate shipping. Please contact us for more information.

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