No matter how much regular maintenance you do on your mountain bike, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience some form of mechanical failure while riding the bike. Today we continue to explore the remaining methods of maintenance.


Fix bent wheels: If your wheels are badly bent or warped, you’ll need to have them repaired or replaced by a professional. But for minor damage, the wheel can be reconditioned by adjusting the spoke tension. If that’s not enough, then you may want to follow these steps: Disconnect the brakes and see if the wheels spin freely without the brakes. If the wheels spin freely, then you can ride your bike home and have it properly serviced upon return. But remember you have disengaged one of the brakes, so be extra careful when riding the bike in this state.
If the wheel won’t spin, you need to fix it or face a long walk home. To secure it, place the wheel on the ground, stand on the rim, and use your strength to bend the wheel into shape. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to go home with care, but when you do, make sure you replace it or get the wheel professionally repaired right away.

Broken Spokes: Spokes transmit a lot of force to the wheel, so if they become broken then don’t keep riding on the bike as you risk twisting the wheel and causing expensive damage or personal injury. Instead, do the following:
Remove any broken spokes and tighten the remaining spokes to add tensile strength to the wheel. You may not be able to remove broken spokes easily, if you can’t remove some broken spokes then wrap them around adjacent spokes so they don’t interfere with your ride, then ride home with care. Once home, you should replace the broken spokes.

Broken mountain bike gear cable: Remove the broken cable, once the gear cable is broken, the derailleur spring will move to its standard resting position. Use the stop screw on the derailleur to hold the derailleur and chain in a fixed position and you’re good to go home. If the front cable breaks, use the stop screw on the front derailleur to secure the chain to the middle chainring. If the rear cable breaks, use the rear derailleur stop screw to secure the chain to one of the sun gear sprockets.

If you follow the tips above, you should be able to repair your bike and still be able to ride it home safely if it breaks down the road. However, to reduce the chance of failure, you should clean and maintain your bike frequently.

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Post time: Jan-10-2023