How to Remove a Bike Chain

If you have the right equipment, taking the chain off your bike at home is a simple process. The procedure that should be followed is determined by the type of chain that is on your bicycle. Check each of the links in the chain to determine what kind of chain you have if you are unsure. You have what’s known as a regular link chain if all of the links are the same. Your chain might be a master link or split link chain if one of the links is distinct from the others.

Removing a Regular Link Chain

Obtain a tool for working on bicycle chains. A bicycle chain tool is a hand-held, small tool that has a rotating handle and a metal pin. Its purpose is to push the rivet out of a chain link so that the link can be disassembled. A chain tool can be purchased either online or at a local bike shop near you.

Put the pin from one of the links on your bike chain into the chain opener so that you can adjust it. Next to the small metal pin, the chain tool should have two prongs that are designed to wrap around one of the links on your bicycle’s chain. To ensure that the link is firmly fastened in place, slide it in between the two prongs. It is important that the prongs are able to fit into the spaces on either side of the link.

To insert the pin into the link, rotate the handle of the chain tool in a clockwise direction. It is important that the pin is able to make contact with the middle of the chain link. When it does, continue turning the handle in a clockwise direction. It is possible that there will be some resistance, but you should check to make sure that the tool has not become dislodged from the pin. If you rotate the handle in the correct direction, you should observe that the rivet, which is the pin in the middle of the chain link, is being pushed out the other side of the link. When the rivet is almost completely free of the link, stop rotating the handle. Once the pin has fallen out of place, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to reinstall it.

To remove the chain tool pin from the link, turn the handle in the opposite direction of the clock. You want the pin to be completely removed from the link before moving on. As soon as you are able to lift your bike chain out of the chain tool, you should stop turning the handle.

Take your chain off the bicycle chain breaker and wiggle the link to pull it apart. Now that the rivet is almost pushed out from the link, the link should easily separate. Grab the bike chain on each side of the link with your fingers and wiggle it back and forth until the link comes apart.

Remove your chain from your bike. Now that your chain has been separated at one of the links, you can take it off the sprockets and lift it off of your bike. When you’re ready to put your chain back on, use the chain tool to push the rivet back into the link you separated.



Post time: Feb-13-2023