These riding equipment must have when riding a spring outing!


Cycling spring outing is a very pleasant activity, which allows riders to enjoy the beauty of nature in the beautiful spring. But before setting off, riders need to prepare some necessary equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Here are some must-have riding gear for a spring outing:

1. Helmets
A helmet is one of the most important pieces of riding equipment because it protects the rider’s head from injury. Factors such as compliance with standards, comfort and breathability should be considered when choosing a helmet, and ensuring it fits properly.

2. Gloves
The gloves protect the rider’s hands from wind chill and fatigue while also providing extra support and protection for the hands. When choosing gloves, pay attention to their breathability, slip resistance and comfort.

3. Bike lights
The weather in spring is changeable, and sometimes you will encounter rain, fog or night riding. Bike lights improve visibility and safety for riders, making you easier to spot for other drivers and pedestrians.


4. Glasses
Glasses protect the rider’s eyes from objects such as glare, wind, sand, and bugs. Clarity, UV protection and comfort should be considered when choosing the right eyewear.

5. Bicycle repair tools
On long rides, the chances of your bike breaking down increase. Carrying some bike repair tools like bike repair wrench, bike chain opener and pumps can give yourself the necessary repairs in an emergency.


6. Water bottle and water bag
Spring bike rides can take some time, so it’s important to bring plenty of water. Both water bottles and water bottles are great options that are easy to carry around and provide plenty of water and a convenient way to drink.

In short, before riding a spring outing, preparing these necessary riding equipment can improve the safety and comfort of the journey. Choose the right equipment and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery!

Post time: May-15-2023