Common causes of bicycle chain failure and their solutions

Chain failure is relatively common in our daily riding. As for the reason, the editor will analyze it for our friends. There are many kinds of chain failures, such as dropped chain, broken chain, coiled chain, etc. Such failures can be said to be relatively common in normal riding.
Chain failure is the most common cause of chain failure in normal riding. There are many reasons for chain loss. When adjusting the bicycle chain, do not be too tight. If it is too close, it will increase the friction between the chain and the transmission. , which is also one of the reasons for the chain drop. The chain should not be too loose. If it is too loose, it is easy to drop the chain while riding. The method to test whether the chain is too loose or too tight is very simple, just use the crank puller to turn the crank, and at the same time gently push the chain with your hand. It is necessary to adjust the limit screw to loosen a little. In fact, it is also possible to identify whether the chain is loose or tight according to the tension of the chain.
Chain breakage is often caused by sudden chain breakage during strenuous riding, excessive force or cross-speed shifting. Chain breakage also often occurs when off-roading. Tension increases, causing chain breakage. The seriousness of the broken chain is relatively large. It will not only damage other parts, but also directly damage the rear and front pulling, resulting in deformation, and more seriously, it will cause the rider to step on the air and cause certain riding danger. Once it occurs, the consequences will be It is unimaginable, so when riding at high speed or off-road, pay attention to the condition of the chain at all times.
Rolling the chain is annoying. Rolling often happens when the chain is replaced, and when the chain passes under the chainring, because the direction of the chain is transferred to the pulley that is pulled back at this time. If the chainring is at this time If you bite the chain, the chain will curl up at this time. If it is hit, the chain will be more severely curled, and even cause the chain to be scrapped. There are many ways to prevent the chain guide. First, use the bicycle chain brush regularly to clean it, and oil the chain to check whether the chain is lubricated. Since the rusted chain is often relatively clean, it is easier to hang on the tooth tip. Check the chain link that is too tight, slowly reverse the crank, you can check whether the chain has dead eyes, the dead eyes will not only affect the winding chain, but also affect the entire transmission system, or cause skipping, and check the wear of the pressure plate , whether it is bent or worn too much.
In any case, if you want to avoid chain failures, you must check the transmission and chain of the bicycle more, and use the corresponding bicycle repair tools to do the relevant maintenance work, so as to greatly reduce the occurrence of failures and ensure your own riding safety. provide assurance.


Post time: Mar-21-2022