The benefits of a cassette

1. Speed. Assuming that your chainring is 44T, when you use spin fly, the speed ratio is 3.14, that is, when you pedal one circle, the rear wheel of your car turns 3.14 circles. And when you use Kafei, the speed ratio is 4, and you pedal once, and the rear wheel turns 4 times. Obviously, Kafei can log out at a higher speed, which is directly related to the above-mentioned Kafei that can make a smaller number of teeth;
2. Strength. The contact between the spinner and the axle is based on the silk pattern about 5 mm wide under the largest flywheel, and the strength can be imagined. Although I haven’t heard of anyone who really kicked the flywheel off, (but there are cases where the threads get stuck and twisted and mess up the road), there is definitely no contact surface that is about 4 cm strong;
3. Precision. Due to various reasons, Xuanfei has been eliminated. Now it is only used for food trucks. The racing cars are all using Kafei, so no one spends any more energy to study and improve it, and the production process ends here, so the general Xuanfei technology The flywheel is always twisting and twisting when idling the rear wheel. This is also the easiest and most intuitive way to judge whether it is spinning or sticking;
4. Quality. Also because the spinfly was eliminated, no one did a better spinfly, and steel was its last material. The Kafei is much better, steel, titanium, etc., and even different gears on the same flywheel set are made of different materials. The application of more and better technologies makes the Kafei stronger and lighter;
5. Maintenance. We all know that the flywheel is a consumable, especially for children’s shoes whose chains remain black for a long time, the flywheel is more prone to wear. If the spinner is worn or the ratchet is damaged, replace it entirely. Kafei can replace a certain flywheel alone (at least the most easily worn gears can be replaced separately)or replace the ratchet separately. Later, use the flywheel ring lock wrench, the flywheel disassembly and assembly sleeve, and the flywheel disassembly wrench for maintenance. More convenient;

Bicycle Flywheel Lock Ring Disassembly Eight-word Wrench SB-023

Bicycle disassembly wrench
6. Cadence. This is the most important point! Kafei can not only make the smallest teeth smaller to ride faster. Rotary fly generally only has 6 or 7 gears, usually 14T-28T/30T. The span between gears is relatively large. When you change gears, the change of cadence will also be great. Cadence is a very important factor in the riding process, and maintaining a stable cadence will save effort. A sudden change in the cadence will affect the power output and waste energy. Kafei generally has 8-9 gears, and the high-end ones have as many as 11. The change between gears is small, and even increments by one tooth. In this way, the dense gear ratio is obtained, and the gear change is opposite to the pedal. The impact of the frequency is small, so that the rider can try to maintain the same cadence before and after shifting, and maintain a uniform power output.

Post time: Jun-20-2022